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The next opportunity to do that will be Friday, July 1, 2016, beginning at 4:57 am
Octatonic Decadence is assembling a special dawn concert on Lake Ramsey in Sudbury
at the Vale Living With Lakes Centre of Laurentian University.
This will be an all-Canadian program to celebrate our nation’s birthday!

We’re including music by
R. Murray Schafer
Music for Wilderness Lake and Aria from the Princess of the Stars)
with some guest performers: The Wild Bones Ensemble (12 trombones!)
and Canadian performing artists
Brooke Dufton, soprano; and Rebecca Danard, clarinet,
with Ian Gibson, percussion; Rachel Gibson, flute; and Charlene Biggs, piano
No doubt some local wildlife will participate as well.
Octatonic Decadence will sing music by Rupert Lang, Derek Healey and Kathleen Allan
and the concert will be followed by a celebration ‘Canadian’ breakfast
as well as an engaging seminar on Canadian music.

Sponsored by
The SOCAN Foundation
The City of Greater Sudbury
Laurentian University Alumni Association
Canadian Music Centre
Travelway Inn, Sudbury

Tickets (limited to 149 sold) are available here: